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Truck and Trailer Types for Car Transport

We all know that a car is part of one's life, it is very difficult to live without one, therefore when you need to have it transported you are going to want it to be done by the best company and you will want to know that nothing will happen to your car and that it will arrive safely at its destination.

There are just a few steps you need to follow to ensure this. First you should let the company know all the specifications of your car, alert them of any problems the car may have so that they will know what to do if something happens. With truck and trailer types for car transport, there are mainly two types that are used. This is either a tractor trailer truck or a pick up truck which is also known as a hotshot. If you want to go the cheaper route then the tractor trailer truck will be for you. It is cheaper because it can carry more than one car at a time. The only negative thing about choosing this to transport your vehicle is that it is slow. Also, these find it more difficult to navigate in residential areas and you will most probably have to direct them to a big parking lot or another big place where they can load your car. The hotshots are a bit more expensive but they will be able to deliver your car faster and they will probably be able to fetch it at your home as they do not have such a hard time navigating.

The next decision you will have to make is whether you want your car transported in an enclosed trailer or an open one. With the open trailer your car will be exposed to bad weather and those things, but it is the cheaper route. The enclosed trailer may cost twice the amount of the open one, but at least your car will be under cover and remain dry. It is always better and safer to go with the enclosed trailer when choosing truck and trailer types for car transport. Even though it will cost you more at least you know that your car will be safe and in working condition once it reaches the other side.

If you do however choose the open trailer for truck and trailer types for car transport, there are a few more that you would have to choose between. These are multi-car trailers and single car trailers. The single car trailers come in two sections; these are flat bed and open. The multi-car trailers can carry from three to twelve cars at once, therefore they take some time with their delivery. Although their prices are rather good. What people normally debate is whether their car should be on the top or the bottom of the rack, it doesn’t really matter though. The single car trailers are used when the car needs to be delivered quickly, this operation can be rather costly. The last of your options is the flatbed. This is used if you have a large car or if your car has been modified. The price you will pay depends on how many other things you will need transported with the car and how big the car actually is.


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