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Auto Transporters - What to Expect

Vehicle transporters are usually unable to provide exact pick-up and delivery times. Often, there are delays due to traffic or unforeseen problems. In order to ensure that both you and the transporter have a positive experience, you must have two p’s – patience and preparation. If you do have these two p’s on your side your vehicle transporting experience will be that much better.

Before you hire a car transport company, clarify payment terms. Often car transport companies require an upfront deposit of about 25%. Remember to pay the deposit charges by credit card so that you have a record in case charges need to be disputed later.

Vehicle Pickup Time

Before pickup time arrives, make a complete inspection of your car. Before handing over charge of your car to the transporter make a note of any cosmetic damages the car may have. These include scratches, dents and dings. Photograph your car from many angles and put a date to them. This serves as a record of your car condition at the time of handing over charge to the auto transporter.

After the driver arrives to pick up your car, you need to inspect it for pre-existing damages. Make sure the driver makes an official note of this as well. This official note along with your personal records and photos are evidence of the state of your car at the time of handing over charge to the auto transporter.

Ask your driver any last minute questions about the shipping process. Make sure he has a proper record of your contact details. Also, confirm the terms of the contract at this stage.

Note the odometer reading at the time of handing over the car. Although the car will be driven a little to load and unload it, there should be no major changes in the amount of fuel in the car.

Vehicle Delivery Time

At the point of delivery, either the driver or a company representative should make note of any pre-existing damage after a vehicle inspection. Either you or a responsible agent should be present for verification. Check the car thoroughly for damages. Check not only for cosmetic damages, but also check the undercarriage, odometer and start up the car to check for mechanical problems.

You will need to pay the balance of the transport charges upon delivery. This is usually paid in cash or through cashiers check.

After Vehicle Delivery

It is unlikely that your car arrives with new damages. However, if this has happened ask your carrier for instructions on filing a claim. Get the driver or company agent to sign your record of damages and file your claim within 24 hours. Generally the shipping process is completed once the car is delivered. If you have had a positive experience with your car transport company offer to refer them to friends, relatives and associates. Keep these tips in mind for a great vehicle transport experience.


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