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Driveaway Service Car Transport Tips

Moving from one city to another can be a big undertaking. Between the packing, unpacking and planning, it might seem like the work will never end. Beyond the furniture, clothes and boxes of personal belongings there will very likely be some cars that need to be transported, as well. When there are more cars than drivers for the trip, a car transport service might be in order. One option that many people use is a driveaway service.

This form of car transport involves hiring a company or a person to physically drive the car from your old home to your new home for you. While this type of service works very well in theory, there are some things to consider before hiring someone or signing a contract to have the job done. The things to ponder, include:

* Pricing. The question here is whether it’s economically feasible to hire a person to drive the car to its new home. Since a return trip for the driver will likely be included in the bill along with gas and food (not to mention wear and tear on the vehicle), the bottom line needs to be looked at closely. It’s a good idea to review all the alternatives first, including truck or train transport and even driving it yourself.
* Background. It’s a very good idea to consider the background of the person or the company that will be doing the driving. Handing your car keys over to a company or person that hasn’t been checked out is never a good idea. Car transport companies will usually be listed with local Better Business Bureaus or chambers of commerce. They should also have licensing and insurance. Find out! Check out individuals, too, for insurance, driving records and even criminal records. If you’re hiring an individual, find out what your personal policy covers and what it doesn’t.
* Delivery expectations. While it can be nice to have a driveaway car transport company take care of the driving for you, a car transport service won’t do you much good if the car can’t be delivered when it’s needed. Make sure the delivery dates and times are understood and that your rights and responsibilities under any contracts are understood, as well.

Hiring a company or a person to drive a second automobile or even a third to a new home can take some of the hassles of moving away. Still, it’s a very good idea to ensure the people doing the driving can be trusted before turning the keys over. Looking at all the alternatives closely is just plain smart, too.

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