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Car Transport Tips

PRICE. Your first question should be “what are the total costs?”. Request quotes from a number of transport companies and be able to provide: the destination and origination, the type of vehicle/vehicles, special transport services, the approximate departure date and the type of service desired (e.g., terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door). Use the form on our home page to request multiple, FREE auto transport estimates.

PAYMENT METHOD. A few vehicle transport and driveway companies do not require any payments in advance; other companies require that you pay between 10 and 25 percent of the total cost, or even the full payment in advance. If a deposit is asked, the rest is due at time of delivery – often with cash or cashiers check.

CONTRACT. This is important!!! You should read this carefully!!! Erase the verbal promises from your transport company. What you should be looking for in a contract is the clause that states that a delivery or pickup date cannot be guaranteed. Most vehicles are delivered by car, and most companies in the timeframe will NOT promise a delivery on a specific date. Certain things can be asked to protect yourself against any verbal promises coming from the company: ask the company for a contract clause and let it state in writing the cancellation fee if the car is not collected by the company on the date given for the pickup. Expect a fee if you decide to cancel any agreement. A cancellation clause should be brought forward at least one week before the pickup date.

INSURANCE. The transport company should insure your vehicle against theft and damage. You should ask for a copy of the insurance coverage. Ask if the insurance of the carrier is primary or secondary to your insurance in case of damage during transport. Make it clear to ask that if damage to your vehicle occurs, if there is a damage deductible. See our Auto Shipping Insurance page for more information on insurance.

PICKUP AND DROPOFF DATES. An estimated pickup time and delivery time from the company should be asked for. A 3-day window should be given during the summer and a larger window should be given during snow bird season. The transport company should notify you ahead of time.

REFERENCES. It is recommended that you contact a vehicle transport bureau and inquire about the chosen company’s history of services.

SAY GOODBYE. Before leaving your car with a driver or transport company, be sure that you receive an ORIGINAL INSPECTION REPORT. This shows the condition of your car at the time of pick up, current mileage delivery and pickup information.

ACCEPT VEHICLE. Your vehicle should be inspected slowly and carefully. Compare the mileage and condition against the ORIGINAL INSPECTION REPORT. The roof and under the bumpers should not be neglected. Inspect those! IMPORTANT: do not accept your vehicle at night if you cannot verify the condition of the vehicle.

DAMAGE. The majority of these experiences are not a worry. On occasion may a vehicle get damaged. If so happens, jot down all the damages on the inspection report provided by your transport company and obtain the driver’s signature. Contact your transport company. They should work with you and reimburse you for any damages made to your vehicle.

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