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Antique & Collector Classic Car Shipping

Everyone’s car is important to them, without it there is so little you can do and relying on public transport can sometimes be a pain. Having an antique or collector’s classic car makes the car more special and unique than important. So if you are looking at moving overseas or somewhere far, you would need the best antique & collector classic car shipping. This, if looked for in the right place, will not be that hard to find.

There are many companies that do this type of shipping, all you need to do is choose the right one. You will find many on the Internet, but you don't have to go any farther than We can get you multiple FREE estimates from antique and classic car movers - just visit our antique car page and complete the form there.

When you have all of those quotes you will need to sit down and work through them all, determining which is more professional as well as cost effective. Do not always just go for the cheaper one – you are trusting them with your very special car so be willing to pay a little extra and have your car arrive safely at its destination.

They would have also asked you if you would like your car to be transported in an enclosed carrier or open one – your correct answer should be the enclosed one. Yes it does cost more but it also decreases the risk of anything happening to your car and it ensures more safety, therefore you won’t mind paying that little extra right?

Once you have found the perfect antique & collector car shipping company, you need to do an inspection on your car. Take a notebook and a pen, walk around the car a few times writing down all the faults of the car. Take note of everything. From scratches to indentations. Also, you will need to do the same to the inside of the car. You’ll feel like an inspector, but so what, it’s for your benefit. Then lastly you must remove all your personal belongings from inside the car. Do not leave anything personal inside.

You should also have insurance on your car so if something does go wrong you at least get something out instead of having nothing at all. It will not replace the special car, but at least it’s something. You may already have appraised value coverage on your car. More information is available on the Auto Shipping Insurance Issues page.

If you are wondering how long it will take for your antique and collector classic car shipping to take place, that will be when they get back to you and you give them all the information they need to know. As for the actual shipping, weather permitting, it usually takes about three to fourteen days, also depending on your destination.


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