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International Car Shipping - FAQ

Q. Will dealing with Customs be needed when I want to ship my car overseas?

A. Most companies have custom brokers and clearing agents that are able to handle and prepare your car when you want to have it shipped. At the destination ports there are agents who will also assist you. Also, the work can also be done yourself.

Q. While my car is in transit overseas, is it insured as well?

A. Shipping companies are liable to an amount of $500 per car, and this is declared by Maritime Law. It is advisable that when you decide to ship your car to a specific destination that you purchase extra insurance on your car. Unfortunately, the second policy which will be offered will be a loss, because it covers only the auto’s value.

Q. Is there a specific amount of gas I should leave in my car’s tank when shipping?

A. A requested amount of a 1/4 tank is more than enough when shipping your car overseas.

Q. When shipping my car overseas, how will it be shipped?

A. Your shipping company has a few options to offer you when shipping your car overseas. This obviously depends on your need and your budget. You can be offered a roll-on, roll-off, container-shipping, and a few different options. It is suggested, though, that you discuss shipping options with your transporter.

Q. Before shipping my car overseas, is there a possibility that I can store personal items in my car?

A. Storing items in your car all depends on the method of shipping. Also remember that your personal items cannot be insured and the company will not take responsibility of such items getting damaged during shipping. If you are deciding on shipping your vehicle in a closed container, your items can then be insured. Before stuffing any valuables into your car, bring the matter up with the international transporter.

Q. What are the chances of me needing to have my vehicle delivered to a certain terminal?

A. Terminals are usually the locations vehicles are dropped off, but this is only when there is not enough room for a truck to reach its destination. This usually happens when the roads and streets are too narrow or steep, or an unexpected dead end street. These are just a few of the conditions that would not allow trucks to enter. Terminals are insured and fully licensed.

Q. When paying the transport company, what form of payment is accepted?

A. Cash and credit cards are accepted for deposit, and they also accept certified and cashier checks for a deposit. The balance owed is due on the date of delivery. This time only cash, certified checks or cashier checks will be accepted. No credit cards, unless you have made certain arrangements prior to the transport.

Q. Can my car still be transported if it is inoperable?

A. In most cases, your vehicle can be transported but you have to be aware that additional fees will be applied, because extra equipment and extra labor will be used.


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