Auto transport insurance issues and guide. How to insure vehicle before shipping. AutoMoves provides tips on vehicle insurance before shipping across Canada and US. Avoid costly mistakes and learn about reliable auto insurance before moving your vehicle across Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia.
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Auto Shipping Insurance Issues

Just because your car is not being driven, it does not mean that it does not need to be insured. When having your car shipped insurance is a must, it doesn’t have to be anything major, just as long as you know you are covered if something does perhaps to go wrong. It is not for sure that something will happen, it’s just a case of better to be safe than sorry.

Any company that is legal to transport any type of vehicle should also have cargo and liability insurance. What this means is that if anything is to happen to your car while it is in their hands, it will be covered. This is why you have to make sure to understand everything about their insurance. Any company will do anything to get out of paying you how ever much your car is worth, so make sure you insure it properly. The amounts of the insurance will differ from company to company, so make sure you are reading between the lines, you understand the terms and conditions and you put in your glasses and read the fine print. It is also important that you ask the company to see their insurance certificate. Anybody can just say that they are insured so don’t believe them until you see it. You have all the right to do so. If you are still not convinced you could also double check this information with their insurance company, they will tell you everything they are allowed to.

Some companies offer very little for insurance coverage – some even less than what your car is worth. Therefore it is even more reason for you to find out the exact terms and what your rights are, by asking their insurance company. A few very important questions that you should ask are, is it possible to purchase additional coverage? Do they have a limited coverage amount? And if so, what is it? Is there any part of your car that will not be covered, like ground effects? And what type of damage is covered? I’m sure you have a lot of your own questions that you would like to ask, but these are extremely important and could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

You should also check with your insurance company to see if the car is covered while being transported and if so, for how much? Even if your insurance company has not got your vehicle covered they should be notified that the vehicle will be transported. Let them know at least two weeks before departure.

Before your car is sent away, you should take notes on all the damages, every little scratch. If not that, it is also an option to take photographs at different angles showing all sides of the car. Then once the car is delivered, you will look to see if there are any new damages. In some cases, cars are delivered at night so be sure to take a flash light with you just in case.


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